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5 key points to start investing in cryptocurrencies

cryptocurrency cold storage

The cryptocurrencies, digital assets characterized by their security, decentralized character, favorable privacy and transparency in transactions, and that since its appearance in 2009 have been revolutionizing the world of finance; seem to be one of the most disruptive technologies of the last time, because they offer endless possibilities of commercial development cryptocurrency cold storage.

However, even up to this point (almost 10 years later), it is completely normal that you do not know what are the key points to take into account to make your first purchase of cryptocurrencies or start investing in them.

For this reason, we gathered the 5 key points to make a purchase of cryptocurrencies in an informed manner.

Choose which cryptocurrency you want to invest in

Currently, in the market there are more than one thousand types of cryptocurrencies, starting with Bitcoin, with the greatest relevance and history, including Ether (the native cryptocurrency of the Ethereum protocol) and Litecoin among the most relevant. Cryptocurrencies differ in their price, protocols or rules that govern them and usability, among others. offers the option to buy and sell four of the most recognized and reliable cryptocurrencies worldwide: Bitcoin , Ether, Litecoin and Bitcoin Cash .

Decide how much you want to invest

The second step is to know how much you are willing to invest in cryptocurrencies a week or a month. It is advisable to separate the amount that you want to invest, and pay special attention to what is the most appropriate time to make the investment. If you plan to invest in the long term, the timing may be less relevant. Because these types of assets are still characterized by high price volatility, we recommend allocating a budget that does not affect your pocket.

Sign up to get a cryptocurrency wallet

An electronic address is needed to store the cryptocurrencies that will be purchased. There are different types of wallets, according to each type of cryptocurrency. Most of them are free and easy to find, looking for “cryptocurrency wallet” in the app store. Also some cryptocurrency exchanges have the wallet service.

Join a cryptocurrency market

Once you have a wallet, you have to join a cryptocurrency market, since that is where the transactions are going to be made. This is an online platform where you can buy and / or sell cryptocurrencies. Ideally, you have to choose one with a good reputation, a large number of users and that has high liquidity (many buyers and sellers)

Buy your cryptocurrencies

After creating an account in a cryptocurrency market, it’s time to start buying. In general, most platforms are quite friendly to do both the purchase and the withdrawal of cryptocurrencies.

However, if you have not yet made the decision to start investing in them, it is ideal to start with knowing the financial environment and the terms used in the day to day. In this sense, words such as Blockchain – which is the technological platform on which all types of transactions are recorded and recorded – or Mining – electronic mechanism through which new cryptocurrencies are issued – are some of the words you can begin to know for help you in the process:

It is important that people who are interested in investing in cryptocurrencies understand and understand the various mechanisms and functionalities of cryptocurrencies so that they can make an informed investment decision.

How to produce more testosterone and improve your virility?


One of the causes for us to start suffering from the loss of testosterone is our lifestyle and inadequate diets Nootropics. Therefore, the solution is in our diet. Then I tell you what foods you should try to avoid it:

  1. Do not overdo alcohol

Although some people consider that a certain amount of alcohol can be healthy for us, the excess would lead to male sexual impotence, since it suppresses the production of testosterone.

  1. Eat enough protein at each meal

Good quality proteins like eggs, fish, pork, oysters, chicken, turkey, and all seafood will help your body increase the production of growth hormone and testosterone. It will also help us prevent the rapid advance of aging.

  1. Stay away from refined carbohydrates at all costs

Eating breads, pastas, cookies and cereals, make our body begin to produce large amounts of insulin that also ensures an increase in the aging process that is often accompanied by hypertension, diabetes and other diseases.

  1. Eat foods rich in B-complex vitamins

Liver, lean meats, yeast, fish, wheat germ and peanuts are excellent sources of niacin (vitamin B complex type, which is not stored in the body). For riboflavin (vitamin B2), broccoli and plantain are excellent options.

  1. Take small, frequent meals instead of 3 large meals a day

Feeding five times a day (small portions) is better than eating three times a day in abundance.

The 15 Best Christmas Gift Ideas for a True Golfer

golf swing plane trainer

If you still do not know what to give to that golfer friend this Christmas, do not worry. Here we are going to show you a good collection of products specially designed to make the game easier for golfers. We have from swing analyzers to improve their strokes and be the kings of the sport, exercisers for putt and used balls recovered from lakes to save and recycle materials, even shoes, umbrellas, electric trolleys and folding practice nets golf swing plane trainer.

Choose one of these great details and never stay like the friend who gives the worst gifts to that golf fan. We assure you that you will give of what to speak and you will leave your friend, family or golf partner super happy and waiting for more great gifts.

Remember that if you do not decide on one, you can choose several and surprise him with his life.

Arccos Golf 360 performance tracking system:

This is a system that records the movements of the golfer and analyzes the key points to offer advice. Ideal to improve every day.

VOICE CADDIE Swing Caddy 200 PRO – Swing Analyzer:

Use this device to have visual information and instantly your hits. It is portable, easy to use and lightweight.

Bushnell Pro X2 Laser Prismatic Range Finder:

This is a perfect laser rangefinder to measure the inclination and distance with the holes and thus achieve more accurate shots.

Golf game The Golf Club 2:

Fun game for PS4 that allows you to compete in tournaments, earn money and be the best golfer. It is also played online.

All-in-one Swiss Ascent Multi-tool:

Tool to mark balls, with cleaning brush, blow meter, tensioner, and repair tool and bottle opener. It’s the Swiss army knife.

Clover Craftsman Golf:

Classic design to cover your golf clubs. They have the drawing of a clover and are lined in soft black velvet.

Hunter used golf balls:

Every day golf balls are lost in the lakes of the parks. Here you can buy only the best ones that were recovered.

Garmin Approach S60:

Golf watch that makes a record of your hits and swings. It is only placed on the swings wrist and records everything.

Golf grip – Golf Pride:

Medium sized handle, ribbed shape and a weight of 62 grams. Rubber and rope to use in any weather.

Golf Network Complete Busyall Portable Set:

Perfect net for practicing swing and blows outdoors or at home. It has a transport case.

Golf practice mat LM Indoors Putt Exerciser:

Improve your putts with this ecological mat of 50 x 252 cm. It has rubber backing, it is adjustable and portable.

Ecco Biom G2 – Men’s golf shoes:

Perfect gift for any golfer, since it provides stability and security when playing. In sizes 41 to 47 and various colors.

PuttOut Pressure setting trainer:

Never again fail a putt. This trainer allows you to practice with total comfort and safety. Its design is totally innovative.

Kenrod Folding Electric Golf Cart:

Give all the comfort of the world with this durable, durable and very fast and spacious electric trolley. It has LED and good brakes.

Paragua Foldable Senz:

Perfect folding umbrella to play more comfortably and protect from the sun and rain. It is multicolored and 92 cm.