Voltaire Diamonds Offer Different Variety of Diamond Jewellery Items

Voltaire Diamonds is a well known company which has international experience in precious gemstone trade. They create attractive and beautiful jewellery in different styles which will surely catch your attention. Moreover they provide high quality diamonds to customers. Their diamonds are directly sourced from reputable and well established European diamond centers. They only prefer colorless diamonds. They are very popular diamond retailers and have their workshops in Dublin and London. In these workshops, polishing, resizing, plating is carried out by top goldsmiths and designers.


Voltaire diamonds offer excellent customer service. They meet all clients by appointment and try to fulfill their requirements. They are also specialized in creating unique bespoke design jewellery. If you are having any design in mind, the experienced craftspeople will closely work with you in creating perfect design for you.

Voltaire diamonds is having specialization in engagement rings and wedding rings. They prepare extensive range of diamond jewellery items to suit budget and requirements of customers. The diamond jewellery items they offer are all certified by top certification body. In fact, each diamond is handpicked for scintillation, brilliance and maximum fire. The valuation of diamond jewellery is done by one of Ireland’s top jewellery valuation company. After that, the valuation report is recognized by Insurance Company. To have a glance of these jewellery items, you can click on the site http://www.VoltaireDiamonds.com.  Moreover, the company is having experience in gems. Every gem and diamond they offer comes with a quality certificate.  Thus, you do not need to worry about the quality of jewellery items. They follow strict quality grading standard of diamonds.

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