Learn the Inspirational Salsa Dance with Our Easy to Perform Steps

Salsa is a particular type of dance which requires eight count rhythms. It has different styles and a bit difficult to learn. We offer our easy to follow learning classes for salsa dance students. We have video tutorials to guide the people properly. Visit our homepage and know about the types of salsa dance. The dancer has to change positions by shifting the weight of the body to different parts. The integrated shoulder and arm movement, waist movement, hips position and significant rib cage movements are needed for performing different steps of salsa dance. We know the learners cannot understand the steps within a day. Therefore we have arranged our lessons from the very basic steps. Whatever is your location, you can contact us for our dance classes. Select the most appropriate time and enjoy our online assistance.

There are different types of marvelous salsa dance. It has become common to add new styles in salsa to bring originality. The arm work spins. Body movements, shimmies, shoulder shimmies, leg work, acrobatics, isolations and even hand styling are perfect for both genders. We give classes for our basic dance styles, the learners have to select one or more than more style for regular class. Cali-Style Salsa or Colombian salsa is popular in night clubs and parties. The Cuban style salsa is appreciated in western countries as a social cultural symbol. It is also called casino salsa. The New York salsa steps are performed on the 2nd music beat. The Los Angeles salsa is highly influential style. Most of the aerial work of common salsa is taken from the Los Angeles salsa.

Salsa dance 2

We offer our valuable services at affordable charges to provide guidance for basic steps. Learn the most inspirational dance and get the attraction of people by your stunning action in the parties. Check our homepage for details and video lessons.