7 tips to boost electronic commerce in summer

The e – commerce came to life while firms to stay. E-commerce is increasingly present in our days and usually works, if we know how to handle it properly, of course, with reasonable success. However, when the summer period arrives, problems arise because there are many people on vacation and business transactions are reduced shopyspy.

It has management software

First of all, it is necessary, or rather convenient, to have a management software to be more effective on a day to day basis since it serves to adapt to the needs of each business. It is a way to simplify management as it saves us computer or accounting processes and makes billing, accounts or order control easier.

The fundamental thing in the management software is the access to the cloud, since it will allow us to access the online store from anywhere on the planet where we find ourselves with an internet connection because the data is stored on the network.

The ‘mobile responsive’ is fundamental

In summer, the number of hours we spent in front of a computer is considerably reduced, but it does not escape anyone that in the age of smartphones we are hyperconnected to our mobile phones, even if only to immortalize the photos of our trips. Therefore it seems necessary that our online store is ‘mobile responsive’. The habitual consumer consults the online stores from mobile devices and having our website prepared can be an important point in our favor.

Our website must be easy to use, that is, it must have usability. In addition, the photographs must be of quality and adaptable to the size of the mobile device.

Power social networks

Social networks are part of the free time of users. And it is in summer when they most enjoy it, especially to have recorded the memories of the holidays, but also for any other type of use. Therefore, the months of July and August are ideal to enhance Facebook , Twitter or Instagram .

It is advisable to use different promotions and give them visibility. Another good option can also be to create photographs and videos of special products for this time and publish them on the networks. The aim is to give a fresh touch to the image of the company, providing news that will excite our potential consumers. If we sell different products that can be key in summer, it is convenient that we show them together in photographs as a still life to take advantage of the cross-selling of products.

Make use of the applications

In this case you have to know how to master the techniques. But converting the catalog into a simple information and shopping app can generate more traffic than a mobile navigation to use. The problem lies in the type of investment that must be made to generate a quality application. Everything will depend on the budget we manage. Sometimes it is possible that the cost is too high. However, we always have the option to ally ourselves with applications that already exist. Many times they are intermediaries that serve as a container to the offers and catalogs of other stores, making them available to the user.

Do not be influenced by the time of year

The fact that we are in summer should not condition us totally when planning our possible sales. In the case that we have products considered timeless, we should not relax in July and August at the time of promoting them. We should maintain a remarkable activity, although it may not be necessary for everything to work at the same level as other months. If we take vacations, we should leave programmed posts in social networks or we can make use of a good preparation of the dates in which we have less effective.

In the case that in our business we promote products that are barely sold in July and August, this circumstance may represent a good opportunity to lower the price or make some kind of promotion in this regard.

In this situation, we must reach the perfect balance between the message we want to convey and the offers that can be made, as well as the savings that they entail. The message is key because we have to be able to let our customers know that they will be privileged to get certain products at a low price, aware that in a few months that price will rise in line with demand.

Optimize the search engine

There is a very specific user who likes to inquire, to dive on the internet searching in one and a thousand places for the product that he wants. To attend this client it is convenient to analyze and select the keywords so that the browser positions us correctly. In addition, it is advisable to use an internal search engine on the website to reproduce the behavior to which the user is accustomed. It is a predictive search engine, which correctly categorizes the products and which may end up giving the option of offering other results related to the product included in the search.

Prepare pages for seasonal sales To maintain an adequate positioning during the summer, it is recommended that we prepare specific pages dedicated to seasonal sales. Therefore, it is important to carry out SEO planning during the summer to ensure a considerable online presence. We must enhance content strategies to achieve an increase in traffic in our e-commerce.