Aquariums Heaters – Reasons Your Fish Must Have Them

Both salt water and fresh water fishes require the aquarium to be warm and heated. Both of these are tropical variety of fishes and they prefer their water hot. Goldfishes are not to be worried about as they prefer cold water and hence no need for a heater. During winter seasons shops get calls from people wondering about the strange behaviour or death of their fishes. This can be attributed to the lack of heat in the tanks. The cold weather results in a general fall in the room temperature resulting in the tank becoming colder too. Even if there is just a drop of one degree in 24 hours it can cause havoc by causing the fish a disease called “ich” or maybe even kill them!

While purchasing a heater take a look at the choices. A cheap heater might give problems as they can break, the thermostat may not be strong and this could leave the tank’s heat in the lurch. There are the medium priced heaters and this is what most people buy. Most of these have pretty good thermostats and are pretty much worth the money paid for them. But in a period of around six months you might have to change the heater as the element responsible for heating might not function effectively after that period!battery heater for fish tank

Make sure you check the heater on and off during the week also ensure the temperature in the tank is right everyday so that you can be sure the fishes are not having a hard time! Make sure it is neither extreme, you do not want to freeze your fish but neither do you want to boil them. This calls for regulated temperatures.

Try to place the heater next to the filter as this can help in distributing the heat produced. Your fish will thus not suffer from either cold or hot spots. Heating the tanks is very essential and this has to be made sure of during the required seasons.

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