Audio Visual Sales

I previously wrote and article about the hire of AV Equipment and how it is suited to smaller business or companies that require one off events, now we more on to Audio Visual Sales.

The purchase of this equipment can be very costly, this all depends of the quality of the product you purchase (the brand, the size, the output, the clarity etc).

However if you are a company that deals with this type of equipment every day you are not going to want to fork out rental costs every day audio visual production, week or month. It may seem cheaper to do at first but in the long run this will increase well over the purchase prices and your business will be at a loss.

There are so many different products available for purchase and it all depends on the scale you wish to use them.

LCD/Plasma Monitors and Screens

These are one of the most common products to be purchased and vary greatly in available sizes. They can start out as little as 19” and can go anywhere up to over 100” in size, the bigger the size the higher the price. Depending on what application you require them for LCD or Plasma will be chosen each with their own features and benefits for different uses.

Audio Systems

The other product commonly purchased to work in conjunction with the screens, what use is a giant screen with no sound. Audio systems once again differ on power output and depending on your situation you may need one powerful enough to fill a stadium or one simply to fill a room. There are many other products available for purchase.

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