Choosing flowers according to the relationship with the deceased

The relationship with the deceased will undoubtedly be the one that most influences the choice of the type of funeral flowers to be sent to relatives or to decorate the grave. It is about not making mistakes, fulfilling the last wishes of the deceased and harmoniously fitting into the funeral arrangements desired by the family funeral flower arrangements. There are three main circumstances:

  • If the deceased was a co-worker, an acquaintance from an association or union, or the parent of a student in your children’s class, it is important to show affection without expressing inappropriate familiarity. In these collective environments, it is common to approach the deceased with a common composition. This is the case of funeral wreaths , crosses , coffin lids and some cushions. The important thing is to promote sobriety, even a certain neutrality. It is possible to place a band around the flower arrangement that expresses collective condolences for the deceased colleague or acquaintance.
  • If the deceased had a friendly relationship with the sender of the mourning flowers, the closeness between the two must be taken into account. For a best friend or a lifelong friend, you can do things that a more distant friend wouldn’t do. For example, he may choose the deceased’s favorite types of flowers, even if they are eccentric or inappropriate for the circumstances, but which express a long shared history and a very emotional tribute.
  • Finally, for a family member, it is possible to offer certain types of flowers that would not be possible to offer to a less intimate person. Red roses, for example, are the privilege of mourning between spouses to express intense love. Likewise, flowers such as lilies, orchids and carnations express a closeness and intimacy with the deceased that is normally reserved for family or closest friends.

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