Custom shirts Tips and tricks

personalized t shirts for women

When you buy a personalized t -shirt in Striking-Shirts you are making a custom made order. Your personalized t-shirts are unique: you can put on them what you want and we will print them by hand just for you personalized t shirts for women.

That’s why we cannot put super low prices like stores that have a minimum order of, for example, 50 pieces, but you can create your own shirt for a very reasonable price. Check it.

Although in our store of personalized t-shirts we put at your disposal all kinds of images, designs and motifs, we recommend starting with your own photos or drawings and putting your text . Take a test and you’ll see how much fun it can be.

In the T-shirt designer, click on the ” load image ” button. Now you can choose the image you want to upload from your computer, which will automatically be centered on your shirt. With the controls that appear around it you can change the size, rotate it, move it or delete it.

You can upload your photos and designs in gif, jpg, jpeg or png format . This last format has the advantage that, if you are good at image processing programs, you can make the background or parts of the image transparent.

Tip: An image of 3000 px wide and 4000 px tall is perfect for filling the entire front print area.

Advice for the less experienced with the editors of images and photos: the photos that at 100% of their size seem ideal for the shirt when you see them on the screen, they do not serve you. They will be very small in the shirt and you will not be able to enlarge them. In short: upload photos that do not fit on the screen when zooming in at 100%. Review the previous suggestion.

Tip for “note”: combine in one of these editors your image and your text is a way to convert it into a single impression, so you will not pay for the text, not having to add it in the designer. You can use “”, which is free and easy to use, but gives very good results.

From the same designer you can share your work of art on social networks. This is ideal if you are creating a T-shirt to give as a group to a friend. Very democratic: if they do not all “like” it is not the right choice.

Design suggestions for your personalized t-shirts to be more impactful: put texts diagonally or vertically, rotate the photos a bit or put a drawing on the side of the shirt.