Dog Donut Bed – The Ultimate in Pets Beds

Have you heard of the dog donut bed?

A dog donut bed is probably the most cosy and comfortable of any of the pets beds on the market. Your faithful friend will be able to curl up in complete comfort and may never try to climb up onto the sofa again. Its definitely a win-win situation for dog and owner.

The dog donut bed is so named because it it a dog bed shaped like a donut. It may sound odd but when you see them you realise just how apt the name is. They have a bolster the whole way around and so your dog can find a nice soft place to rest his head no matter which way he lies or whatever strange position he sleeps in. This bolster also helps to keep out any cold drafts so that your dog will be warm even in the colder months.

A lot of pets beds now have a washable outer cover. This applies to most dog donut beds. They usually have a removable outer cover which zips off quickly and easily. They can be machine washed and tumble dried which is a great advantage when it comes to keeping your pets bedding clean as drying time is much reduced.

Whatever breed of dog you have there will be a donut bed to suit him. They are available in all sizes from small to extra large. Whilst it is important to make sure that the bed is big enough for your dog try to resist the temptation to get one which is too big. If the bed is too large for the dog then you will lose some of the benefits of the enclosed design of these pets beds and your dog will not be kept as warm.

All dog owners know how much dogs love to curl up and have a nice snooze as well as a good night’s sleep. It is an essential part of any dogs daily routine to take the odd nap. So if you want to give him the ultimate in comfort a dog donut bed [] is hard to beat. When it comes to pets beds [] these really are amongst the best on the market.

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