How to eat sushi

If you are reading these lines, it is probably because you soon have a romantic dinner or an important work lunch at a Japanese restaurant. If you have never gone to a restaurant where the main dish is sushi, don’t worry, because below we will discover everything you need to know about this food in which cooked rice is combined (generally marinated with rice vinegar, salt and sugar ) with other types of ingredients such as fish, vegetables, shellfish and even meats sushi.

The problem with sushi bars is that many people come without knowing that there are certain protocols and traditions that we should take into account if we do not want to look ridiculous. Therefore, in the following unCOMO article, we explain some tips on how to eat sushi correctly. Follow our advice to be able to enjoy this popular dish like an authentic Japanese one.

How to eat sushi correctly
As we have mentioned, it is advisable that before going to a Japanese restaurant you know some traditions and protocols on how to eat sushi correctly. Therefore, below we will give you some instructions:

How to behave when entering
It is common that when entering a sushi bar, we sit at a table and order some of the varieties offered on the menu. But this is a serious mistake, since the chef or itamae of the restaurant could consider it a lack of respect.

When we go to these types of places, it is advisable to ask the chef what type of sushi he recommends. We can also opt for omakase , a modality in which the itamae will choose the sushi, the order in which it will be served and the price. With this gesture, we will not only gain the chef’s trust, but it will also guarantee that he serves us the freshest fish.

How to order dishes
If you have finally decided to order sushi a la carte, it is not recommended that you order more than one dish at the same time according to tradition. It is best to finish your plate and then order the next one. However, if you have gone to eat at a sushi bar but are in a bit of a hurry, you can also order chirashi sushi , a type in which the ingredients are served to you on a plate.

How to eat sushi at the table
Once the varieties of this food are served, it is important to know in what order to eat them: first, we will take the sashimi ; a type of fish or seafood cut into very fine pieces. Then we will eat the nigiris (they are the typical pieces of rice and fish joined with nori seaweed) and, immediately afterwards, the makizushi , also known as makis . Finally it will be the turn of the temakis and tempura dishes.

How to eat sushi with chopsticks
Although the most traditional thing is to eat sushi with your hands, restaurants generally serve dishes with chopsticks or hashi . However, eating this dish with chopsticks also has its own rules: the most correct way to eat sushi with hashi is to take the pieces and eat them in one bite. Holding part of the piece of sushi is only allowed when the piece cannot be swallowed in one go.

Another custom that we must keep in mind if we are going to eat sushi with chopsticks is that we must place this utensil between pieces on the hashi oki , a ceramic plate or support. It is also not advisable to pass a piece from one plate to another (in case of sharing sushi with friends) or to use chopsticks to pierce the food.

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