Tooth root Dental Implant

Tooth root that is decayed due to a certain reason, is replaced with an artificial one, placed into the jawbone is called a Dental implant. In turn, an implanted root provides a good foundation for permanent teeth that matches exactly like the natural. These implants can also me made ‘removable’ depending on the requirement of the person requesting it. Having a dental implant (if needed) is quiet a safe treatment that lasts longer as long as proper care is taken according to the advice of the Doctor. If neglected, the unwanted coating reappears that was responsible for the decaying of teeth previously. This care neglecting may result in gum infection, soreness, bleeding and discomfort.


Titanium based Dental Implants are premeditated to get fused with the jawbone making it permanent thereby they help in improving the speech as the slurring of words is eliminated which is caused by slipping of teeth. Being permanent, the implanted tooth / teeth allows the food to be taken or chewing without causing any pain that is not possible with sliding or slipping denture. The procedure of Dental Implant is painless as local anesthesia is used in the process. To understand it more clearly, the pain in the process of Dental implant is much less than the pain in the extraction of a tooth. Although the Doctor will always advise some medication, little pain after the implant can be eliminated by over the counter medicines like Tylenol or Motrin. Last but not the least, taking care afterwards is the most important factor that involves flossing, brushing and intermittent dental check-up.