Understanding Phuket’s Heritage

Phuket is a paradise, not only because of its spectacular beaches and magnificent temples. It is a tourist haven because the island is like a gateway to a better understanding of the Thai culture. There are so many places in Phuket which will feed the mind of everyone visiting it.

Phuket has a very colourful and rich history. It gives home to a lot of legacies manifested on the different edifices around the province. One remarkable site that exudes the strong charm of Phuket’s past is the Old Phuket Town.

Shining with its own unique personality, the Old Phuket Town displays different Sino-Portuguese architectural masterpieces which can be dated back to the glorious days of the province. These structures are steadfastly preserved for people to marvel on.

Around the town, there are different shrines, shop houses, cafes, printing shops and museums, which are certainly lovely. It creates a very picturesque view, displaying a play in colours and designs.

The Old Phuket Town is active all throughout the day. During mornings, monks can be seen strolling around the place taking alms from the residents. At noon, the town bustles with its daily routines, including businesses and touristic activities. At night, the city comes alive with all of the extravagant nightlife that it has. Some striking parts of the Old Phuket Town are the Thalang Road and Soi Romani.

To expose oneself to understanding the rich and impressive culture of the island, travelling to Phuket should include a trip to the Phuket Cultural Center in the itinerary.

Located humbly in the compound of the Rajabhat Institute of Phuket, the museum displays an intensive collection of items to show the evolution of lifestyles of the people in Phuket, and the rest of Thailand.

One attraction in the area is the miniature houses which show the different architectural preferences of the Thai people in the past. The museum also displays items which explain the beliefs, culture and languages of the early settlers in Phuket.

Other items featured in the museum include tin-mining items and old ceramics, from China and the Netherlands. Visitors are welcome in the museum. However, all pieces of information are in Thai so a guide will most likely be needed whenin touring the museum.

It is interesting to dig down deep into the history of Phuket because the past honed the present, and in the museum, it is explained how the island became the beauty that it is now.

Therefore, there should be no hesitation when deciding to visit the impressive island of Phuket. After all, it is not that difficult to plan a trip to the island. Flights are always available and Phuket hotels are always ready to provide accommodation.

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