Weight Training As Part Of A Healthy Diet Plan For Men

Dieting for men and women is different. Women aim to lose weight, men aim to lose fat. It sounds very much the same, but it is not!

A healthy diet plan for men should include weight training as well as cardio exercise.

When women diet, they want to lose weight and still appear soft and feminine. For a man, weight loss should include muscle building voedingsschema cutten.

They should be aware though that muscle is heavier than fat. So whilst a man loses fat, they should gain weight in the long run, provided of course, they are not very overweight to start off with. A healthy diet plan for men will first show some decrease in weight as the excess fat is burned off and replaced with muscle mass.

At first the weight falls away as more fat is burned than muscle is built. At some point, weight loss will slow as the muscle building speed increases and there is less excess fat to be burned. It is at this point that a healthy diet plan for men becomes most vital. You need to supply your body with the correct nutrients while you exercise. Failure to do this could cause harm to your body, you do need a certain amount of body fat.

If you follow a healthy diet plan for men, be aware that you will lose weight initially, then you will appear to put it back on. But this is a different kind of weight gain – it is a healthy gain in muscle mass, not fat!

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