Nanny Share – An Affordable Option For Getting Nanny Services

Many parents today are aware of the fact that hiring a nanny is a good solution for receiving childcare services. But everybody cannot hire a full-time nanny as it is expensive nanny services near me. If you are among these, do not get disappointed. Here is a solution – a nanny share. Sharing a nanny is an affordable option for getting the services of a nanny.

A nanny share is a situation where two or more families share the services of a nanny; generally, on a part-time basis. Some parents ask the nanny to care for all children at the same time, and others ask the nanny to cover different days for each family.

When is it feasible?: Nanny sharing works well under certain circumstances. It is important to be aware of them to obtain the right childcare services.

Nanny share is ideal when both of the families sharing the nanny have children of approximately the same ages. It works well for kids who are toddlers, preschoolers and even school-age kids.

Sharing a nanny for babies or infants is not a good idea as childcare conditions for infants are often more specific and include utmost care. In addition, it is good to avoid mixing newborns and toddlers when sharing a nanny. Sharing a nanny is ideal when the nanny is caring for two or three children.

Both the families should consider that hiring a nanny assures the best childcare services. Also, a nanny share is made compatible when the two parties have a good agreement and similar parenting philosophies. Any differences between the two parties can disturb the childcare and may break the agreement.

Nanny share assures socialization of your kids in home environment: One of the beneficial characteristics of sharing a nanny is that it provides an opportunity for your kids to socialize while at home. Children of similar age groups can spend time together promoting a bond. Nanny sharing is a good introduction to school. A day care center also aids in developing socialization, but a nanny share serves this at safe and secure home environment.

Minimum exposure to sickness: One of the best benefits of a nanny share is the minimum exposure of your kids to sickness. Unlike a daycare center, too many kids will not be involved in the share care option, and hence, the chance of children getting sick is obviously less. As your kids are taken care of at home, the surroundings are always neat and clean. However, you should be careful only for any germ-sharing which is unavoidable when kids get together.

Receive nanny services at affordable price: By sharing a nanny, you can get the nanny services at affordable price when compared with the amount you have to spend on a fulltime nanny. It allows you to save money in many ways – the salary and the tax issues, monetary benefits, etc. of a nanny can be shared by the two families.

Nanny sharing, therefore, offers the best childcare services at affordable prices in a home environment. Considering the above benefits, it is recommended to hire a nanny from a professional and reputed nanny referral agency and share with neighbors or friends.

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